Monday, February 14, 2011

from winter brings the spring again

it is happening again. today is the first warm day of the year. it is currently 51º in the city of albany.
            though i am not currently in albany. i am currently in an executive conference room on the top floor of the cancer research center in rensselaer, new york. half of the room is floor-to-ceiling windows. i can see nearly 180º around. the catskills look beautiful in the haze of humidity. the clouds are large, white, and puffy, and dance amongst the blue sky—the particular hue of which today always makes me indescribably happy—and through the rays of sunlight.
            the way i feel now is how i expect to feel often as the weather improves and my little piece of planet earth thaws. the way i fee now is how i expect to feel often, as the sun becomes more of a staple in the albany sky.
            i cannot wait for spring.

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