Saturday, January 15, 2011

america, the beautiful (epilogue)

flying at a tremendous velocity, kilometers above the surface of planet earth, i gaze upon the land below me: the united states of america.

from way up here, a stranger to this nation—or this planet—may feel that this plot of land, comprised of hundreds of thousands of square miles of rock, dirt, grass, trees, and water, truly is united. from way up here, there are no discernible borders. from way up here, as the sun sets and the ground turns to gold, it truly is america the beautiful.

but it pains me to think that at ground level, this country above which i am flying, is anything but united. we are strongly divided based on our beliefs, political affiliation, class, and social and economic status. and these differences—instead of being celebrated—are met with disdain, hatred, and violence.

this—however—is not limited to the united states of america: this is the story of mankind.

i imagine that someday, when the shit really hits the global fan, someone will be flying up here—just like me, now—to escape whatever cruel fate mankind has bestowed upon itself down below. and they may be thinking, as i am right now, “if only we got along better, maybe we could have avoided this mess.”

i am not inclined to pray anymore, but if i had to say a prayer for the united states of america, and for the rest of the world, this would be it:

I pray that the people of Planet Earth will soon realize that we are all in this boat together, and that this ship is sinking, and that nobody is helping anybody by dancing for rain. I pray that the people of Planet Earth can come together in unity and enjoy this beautiful, blue-green wonder, while it still lasts, and maybe do a little housekeeping now and again. I pray that the people of Planet Earth will put down their arms and join their hands, and get as much beauty and wonder out of life as they can—what else could anybody want?

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