Saturday, January 8, 2011

30,000 feet

the world looks so simple from 9144 meters: there are clouds below, and sky above. the horizon in between turns orange as the sun rises, yet again. it is all so simple, yet it has taken billions of years of physics and chemistry, and billions of dollars and a collective of human minds advancing our understanding and application of physics and chemistry, to create this very opportunity. i think this may be a universal trend: an aesthetically simple event is the result of a fantastic amount of complexity. so it must be.

there is a very large, bright star on the port side, about 45o above me. i have no clue as to what celestial body this is. nevertheless, there it is: watching.

bare with me as i begin my journey into myself by describing what my body must go through—what my eyes will see—as i go on my way. eventually, we will get to the really good stuff.

i am reminded at this very moment of my first trip to florida with my family—when it was still whole. it was during a school week when i was in fifth grade. as a homework assignment, i had to keep a daily journal of my vacation. i loathed that i had to waste my time doing that—perhaps that bitch just wanted to see if i really went on a vacation, or if my sister and i were just going to play hooky for a week. either way: it is funny that now, that is exactly what i am doing.


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