Thursday, December 16, 2010

men are pigs

men is the plural form of man, a slang term (essentially) for male, which is a species of animal harboring external reproductive organs that generate bazillions of motile seeds, at practically no cost to that organism (talk about economic potential!). specifically, this use of male is used to describe a species of homo sapiens (also referred to universally as man by human beings from centuries ago, and today by those who believe that some old man in white robes with a crown sitting up on a cumulonimbus cloud created 'man' to dominate the earth). homo sapiens true role is not to necessarily dominate but to annihilate planet earth in more and more technologically clever ways as fast as scientifically, medically, and militaristically possible. this is not what natural selection had in mind, but this is what natural selection got for creating the human brain. way to, natural selection.

i would like to say that men are not pigs, but thats only because human males have a significant amount of differences from pigs, genetically. the male species of homo sapiens, however, sure can be dicks!

but pigs can be men, too. they like to eat and fuck like the rest of us, but they do just enough to get by. never will they take more than they need nor destroy planet earth with their goings on. and they will be around here a lot longer than we will--when is the last time you saw a pig drop a nuke on another pig because that pig had lots of what the pig wanted?

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