Wednesday, September 22, 2010

circa survive quotes to describe my life right now

this is a bizarre thing for me to do, but i feel as though my most favorite band on planet earth--one of the imperative elements of my life that are responsible for me still being alive--have already said it best.

"infinite silence rolling right in with the dawn/this is wrong/this is wrong/and i cannot sleep without the radio on/and we fall asleep again with ties to mend/so please let the cleaning begin/evolution"

"if i could get this feeling to end/trembling idle hands holding me there"

"this is paralysis with no time at all to let go/dont call me by my full name//all this is temporary...dont talk about it/write it down but dont ask for help/i cant be honest with even myself/do you ever wish you were somebody else? move one inch at a time/youll be just fine/they pull me in but accomplishments are transient"

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