Sunday, August 29, 2010

its been a summer

for the past three weeks i have been attempting to put this summer and its many memories into words. but every time i feel ive succeeded at doing so i become convinced that these words are for me only. that being said, i will disclose nothing of the past four months.

suffice it to say: ive learned more about who i am, and who i want to be. i have become ever-more motivated to do some of the things i have kept saying i will do but as of yet have not done. i have utterly confused myself and enlightened myself all at the same time.

i have grown.

several days ago i felt the chill of fall upon me. thoughts of dark beer, flannel, orange leaves, and fireplaces came to mind. and i was welcome to it. but upon reflecting on this summer and all of its memories, i am sad to see it go, and might actually give anything to get it back to do all over again--not changing a thing.

as i reflect on all that was and all that might of been, i can only quote new found glory: "its been a summer".


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