Friday, August 7, 2009


have you ever wondered: why was the US—why was the world—so hell-bent on preventing "the spread of communism", a form of government—to my understanding—where the working class makes the rules, where the standard of living is equal for everybody?

answer: because the rich aristocrats in political offices the world around were so insulted by the mere thought—the mere suggestion—that those less fortunate should have the same standard of living as them. or: that their fabulously well-to-do living situation should be reduced—reduced to a level that would be affordable for everybody else.

oh yeah, and theres this: they didnt want to give up at least one of their fifteen yachts, or 100 mansions, say, and and a small percentage of their money through taxes, say, to help everybody else out who were simply less fortunate than them for one reason in particular. maybe its not that they didnt have a job, or fail to look for one, or work at least a low-paying one. but the reason they were less fortunate was simply this: the aristocrats had all of the fucking money.

until this past wednesday, i had $39 in my entire bank account. and not a whole lot more in cash.

shove that up your ass hyannis port.

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