Saturday, August 1, 2009


they are fascinating—cameras. they capture things that only the most magnificent of brains can recapitulate.

they remind me of lives i once had that i thought i had not forgotten—but i am wrong.

for all that i remember—ive forgotten. repressed. recovery.

moving on.

they are fascinating—cameras. they produce immortal recollections of lives ive once loved. lives ive now lost.

moving on.


no one can ever take them away from me—lives ive once loved—now lost. repressed. recovery.

moving on.

for all of the pieces of developed plastic that are now burned—thrown away—forgotten—i will shed tears.

they are times that my most magnificent brain will recapitulate indefinitely.

lives ive once loved. lives ive lost.

lives i wont forget.

respressed. no.

recovery. yes.

moving on.


thatd be a tragedy. a rejection of my very life.




when the flash goes off before my eyes—the past is closer than it seems.

clicks away.

close my eyes.

the past is as close behind as memory allows it to be.

tomorrow may as well be three years ago.

i am a fool.

or at least--

i am human.

so be it.

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