Thursday, July 9, 2009

home—we’re coming home again

a bit of a history: so one best friend flies across the country from the west coast to the east coast yesterday. meets up with other best friend back in frankfort. and the two of them drive to albany for a night of mayhem. it was a blast. but before it even got off the ground, talk of this one night led into talk of the subsequent night. and as my experiments are obligated to sit at least until friday, i decided to pack up and come back to frankfort with them this morning.

before we even got on i90, something felt weird. not a bad weird. but. just weird. it wasnt like when i became unstuck in time and went back to my high school graduation. it was nothing like that. this was just a feeling. i think it is because i have not been anywhere near frankfort during the summertime since that fateful summer of 2007. and even as i sit here now, listening to an ep by the now-defunct band named the stickup—and ep i luckily bought on a whim during the summer of 2006—i just feel immersed, almost, in this feeling. like i am swimming through a different world.

but this always happens to me no matter where i go. i am always living in the present. looking towards the future. and sensing the past.

my house has always smelled different in the summertime. and i guess despite my previous summer living here being so traumatizing, my brain has repressed the bad and can take in all that it is sensing around me and simply cause me to enjoy being in my house and in my hometown during what always used to be such a relaxed and fulfilling time of year—namely, the summer.

ive missed this smell. ive missed this house. ive missed this town.

its good to be home.

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