Monday, July 6, 2009

the few, the proud…

observation: it would seem that despite overall international displeasure with war, young men and women fresh out of high school or college or the breadline are still lining up to be turned into unemotional, unfeeling, hopelessly obedient robots day after day after day.

question: what if everybody just said the hell with the peruvian air force or the hungarian army or the united states marines or the japanese navy or the insurgency and on and on, and there were no more soldiers left to fight anybody’s wars?

dare i say: war is perpetuated by the mentally defunct young men and women of planet earth who at the ripe young ages of 18, 19, 20, 21, 43, and on and on, must somehow find it amusing to run from defilade to defilade, from trench to trench, otherwise turning fellow members of the human race into so much hamburger meat. and somehow—bless them—they are able to aide their fellow countrymen by translating that unimaginable mess into terms that must be far more easy for civilians to understand.

this is it: defending ones country. or: defending ones religion.

give me a break!

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